This database is based on the book “Glossary of Korean, Chinese and Japanese Fishery Terminology” (ISBN 978-89-89334-43-9, published in November 2008 in Korea). This book was published under the cooperation of three fisheries research organizations: Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency, Japan, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, and National Fisheries Research and Development Institute, Korea, as one of activities to promote mutual research exchanges further.
To widen the utilization of this Terminology, we have made this database and opened it here. We wish this database is useful for not only persons who are relating to fisheries but also the ordinary people.

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・This website will operate until June 30, 2024, and will cease operation after that. After the outage, this website will no longer provide any information. Regarding the published terms, please refer to Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency (FRA) for inquiries in the future.
・After this website is closed, the domain used by this website will be retained by FRA for a period of time.
・After the domain retention period of FRA expires, the domain used by this website may be acquired by a third party, so please be aware.

Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency

Database Structure and its Usage

This database consists of “Aquatic Organisms“, which are composed of the scientific names and common names, and “General Terms“, which are composed of general terms in fisheries. Aquatic Organisms are divided into the following taxa.
Marine fishes, Freshwater fishes, Crustaceans, Mollusks(except for Cephalopods), Cephalopods, Other invertebrates, Marine mammals, and Algae.
Search and browsing of terms are possible in this database. Please click the above corresponding words for search and browsing of terms.

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